1. Training and Experience

  • How many complete services has the artist performed?
  • How many procedures has she done in the past      year?
  • Does the artist have experience doing      permanent makeup on people of your ethnicity and skin color?
  • Is she involved in an ongoing training process?
  • Is there a trainer the artist turns to for      tricky permanent makeup questions? What are the trainer’s qualifications?

2. Certification

Don’t be afraid to ask if the artist has all certifications required.

3. Website and Portfolio

Most artists will have a portfolio on hand and will be more than happy to review it with you.

4. Customer Reviews or Testimonials

It’s always beneficial if you can hear about the permanent makeup experience from real customers. Most permanent makeup providers include testimonial sections on their websites, but be sure to check out reviews on facebook. and Instagram .

5. Communication Skills

When you speak to or meet with the permanent makeup artist, consider how he or she makes you feel. Are you comfortable talking with the artist? Does she explain herself well? How thoroughly does she answer your questions? Clear communication is key to getting the results you want.