Hyaluron pen injection gunNeedle-free treatments are filling up the ads. The trend of needle-free, and painless, treatments are on the bull run. What is it about, how it works, and how it differs from good old dermal fillers?

To understand this technique, we must first understand why it even exists, and how it was invented.

Needle-free drug administration was patented for diabetes patients. Constant need for injections lead to the development of the device that we nowadays call – HYALURON PEN.

Science behind this miracle invention from the late 70s is pretty simple. It works under the principles of high pressure applied to the small surface, creating a high force that penetrates skin epidermis layer and injects injectables into the dermis layer of the skin.

This way, injecting is considered as non-invasive but still effective. But is it effective as regular old-fashioned syringes with needles?

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Removing the needle from the equation of injecting drugs and other injectables into the skin has many benefits to it. First and the most obvious is it’s non-invasive nature. Second but also important, this treatment is almost fear-free.

Many people suffer from a severe fear of needles. In the end, nobody likes being stabbed with a needle, especially not in the face.

So, fear-free, pain-free alternative miracle? Or maybe not?

Definitely hyaluron pen technique has its pros and cons. Let’s review a few of them:

  • Pros:
    • Removes fear from needles
    • It is mostly painless
    • It doesn’t look scary
    • There is short or even no recovery time from the treatment
    • It is quick, and effects are visible immediately
  • Cons:
    • Effects definitely have a shorter retention period than with normal dermal fillers (with a needle)
    • It is still too expensive considering shorter lasting results
    • It is completely legal to be performed by anyone, so many so-called “experts” may ruin your face (good thing is that results wear off pretty quickly so you won’t be having that weird look on your face forever)

But let’s look at a bright side of it. It is good, it is trendy, it gives results, and it is easily done. So, for me it’s still a miracle, considering that innovations in the beauty industry were almost none for a long period of time. And they were always coming with a high price tag, so adoptability rates were sluggishly show.

Is hyaluron pen replacing dermal fillers?

No, at least not anytime soon. Doctors will still have their jobs doing injection fillers, but so many others will have their chance to become lip augmentation artists and anti-aging experts.

Dermal fillers still hold the biggest chunk of face augmentation industry, and for some time it will be like that. The hyaluron pen is definitely on its bull run and will not slow anytime soon (if not stopped by some lobby group of government payroll dudes), and it will definitely stay for some foreseeable future.

My opinion is that many hyaluron pen therapists expect their clients will pay the same price for hyaluron pen treatment as they would do for dermal fillers. First of all, dermal fillers are injected into a subcutaneous tissue and last longer. Hyaluron pen is injecting into dermis and it has some benefits because of that.

First, when injected into dermis layer, hyaluronic acid boosts natural production of our naturally stored hyaluronic acid. So maybe first treatment results will not be as long lasting, but expect that this process will make retention rates longer for each new treatment undertaken.


To cut the long story short, dermal fillers will stay as well. This treatment will always have better precision and longer lasting results, but it will always be much more expensive, painful and you will never have the opportunity to go to a wedding after you did fillers, at least not for next few days (this is definitely something you can do after the hyaluron pen treatment)