According to statistics, about 90% of the world’s population is infected with the herpes simplex virus. For many people, it does not manifest itself. However, the slightest disruption in immunity can cause its aggravation – these unpleasant itchy skin bubbles, the healing of which lasts a week or even more.

When tattooing occurs minimal trauma / stress to the skin and this in 90% of cases provokes the aggravation of herpes (usually it is the zone of the lips or less often – eyelids). For the life of the client, it is not dangerous. But the very tattoo can hurt. After healing, the skin may look “spotty” and the color is not uniform. All this is corrected by the master at the second stage of the procedure, but it is better to just avoid it.


We recommend clients 1-2 days before the procedure and drink herpes medicine for three days after it. To do this, they must contact their doctor. The selection of the drug and dosage is carried out by the attending doctor, and not by the master of tattoo!

Post Procedure

If you have an aggravation, remember the rules of caring for the tattoo area. Never use ointments containing hormones, antibiotics in the place of the introduced pigment. The ointment can be applied outside the boundaries of the tattoo – for example, if the bubbles are localized behind the contour of the lips. Do not peel off the crusts, do not lick, do not steam up – do not accelerate the natural healing processes – only this way you will be able to maintain the highest quality result of the procedure.