Eyebrow Introduction

Proper eyebrow sketching is one of the most important stages of the permanent eyebrow makeup procedure and the necessary skill for each brow specialist. To achieve a successful result, the master must be a makeup artist, an artist, and a psychologist at the same time. Today I explain to you about all the intricacies of building a universal, classic sketch of symmetrical eyebrows.

Universal – because this technique is suitable for drawing symmetric edges on absolutely any face. Of course, you will have to take into account the peculiarities of the face shape and the wishes of the client to create harmonious eyebrows.

In order to choose a shape of the eyebrows full analyzes required. This scheme will help you to find the balanced shape of the eyebrows.

Drawing eyebrows depending on the shape of the face

  • any eyebrow shape is suitable for an oval face
  • for an elongated – straight, removed from the nose
  • square face – with smooth rounded lines
  • heart-shaped and diamond-shaped – a classic curved eyebrow shape
  • round – maximum curviline eyebrows without roundness

For beginners, we recommend the following exercise: mentally select the shape of the eyebrows for each passerby / girlfriend / mother / travel companion. First, determine the shape of the face, then the shape of the eyebrows. Well, then you can and should proceed to drawing the sketch.

The main thing – to develop the skill to properly build a sketch of eyebrows. And for this, exercise daily.