What does your potential client pay attention to FIRST? Of course, in the photos of your work, which she sees on Instagram. Then, of course, she will read reviews, information about your training, sterility, etc.

But if client doesn’t like your work, she will not take interest of you.

So, it’s very important to do good pictures!

I will share with you secrets that I use by myself:

First and more important is a good macro camera. From the old camera you will not achieve good quality pictures.

You do not necessarily need huge lenses, cameras and super-flash.

Now you can do well with your smartphone, which is great at taking macro shots.

The second, but no less important, is a good light.

Now round flashes for phone are very popular. Acquire yourself such a circle and you will be happy.

It perfectly illuminates, leads all unnecessary parts of the face into the shade and creates round glare in the eyes that are so popular now.

The price of such a flash very cheap on AliExpress, so that everyone can afford.

If you want something better – get a floor ring lamp. It has much more features and power.

The third “fisher” that I can advise you – do not use the zoom when photographing a close zone. This greatly spoils the quality of the picture. But watch out for image distortions, on our phones – a wide-angle camera that distorts the image around the edges!

And the fourth component of a good snapshot is composition.

Here you can experiment, you can apply anything.

But the most important rule is that you cut off the zone that you want to show, from everything superfluous around.

That is: if it is lips, then it is lips, if it is an eye, then it is an eye. Cut off the ears, forehead, chin, etc.

Do not do experiment, do not be afraid to change the angles.