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Best Hyafilia Petit Hyaluronic Acid from South Korea

Hyafilia Petit – is used to correct shallow and superficial wrinkles.Concentration: 20 mg/mlVolumetric capacity: +++Indications:1. correction of nasolacrimal sulcus2. fine lines and wrinkles3. wrinkles around the eyes “crow’s feet»4. perioral lines5. linear wrinkles in the brow area6. correction of the contours of the lipsGuaranteed duration: 9 months.

HyaFilia Petit (1 x 1ml)

HyaFilia Petit with Lidocaine Plus was created by South Korean company CHA Meditech for the risk-free removal of petit cosmetic concerns caused by the natural aging process such as superficial lines on the face or the neck. When injected in the problem areas, it fills depressions and wrinkles in an instant and the cosmetic rejuvenation results it provides last up to 12 months, making it longer-lasting than other top-performing dermal fillers.

FOR ORDER CALL OR TEXT WatsApp +1(347)806 0028

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