Get trained by an experienced beauty industry coach from New York


WELCOME TO 3 Day Eyebrow Microblading  Training Program

For the best value, we offered our advanced eyebrow microblading depth training program gives you the opportunity to offer your future clients the latest techniques in the eyebrow enhancement industry. The 3-day Microblading course is a hands-on seminar where students learn new services – microblading, advanced microblading  techniques and Corrective Treatments.



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When it comes to our microblading training programs, we’re completely invested in the quality of our eyebrow specialist classes. Our comprehensive hands on instructor led training takes you through the Microblading and brow shading process step by step from marketing and client consultation to flawless natural looking eyebrows.

When you enroll in our eyebrow specialist classes, you can be confident knowing that our trainers are the best in the industry and offer specialized techniques and tips of the trade you can’t get anywhere else. As leaders in microblading training programs, our number one priority is to ensure all Vodnik Beauty Certified Technicians are thoroughly trained and pride ourselves on an extensive curriculum designed to provide you all the information necessary to master the Vodnik Beauty Microblading and shading products and techniques. Let us teach you how to set yourself apart from the competition



The average procedure cost $350-$800 and takes 2 hours to complete. $250-$400 per hour is very achievable as a microblading artist. The average artist can treat 2 clients per day. That’s 40 clients per month at a rate of $500 will in a total of $20,000 per month in gross revenue

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What does Microbllading live Training include?

  • A 3-day workshop that  provides   detailed instruction in the skill of microblading with side by side monitoring.

  • Hands-on experience on live models.

  • Microblading Starter Kit.

  • Microblading Certificate will be awarded upon class completion.

  • You will also be provided with reordering information, so you can replenish your supplies.


  • Microblading Process

  • Client Consultation and Consent Forms

  • Color Theory and Skin Tones

  • Pigment Color Matching and Mixing

  • Skin Structure and thickness

  • Symmetry of the face

  • Eyebrow mapping and Design

  • Anesthetics for Permanent Makeup

  • Contraindications

  • Allergic Reaction and Patch Testing

  • Universal Precautions and Sterilization

  • Health Guidelines and Compliance

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Day 1

  • Theory

  • Sanitation

  • Color theory

  • Mapping

  • Layout of each hair stroke

  • Primary Hair strokes

  • Secondary hair strokes

  • Complementary hair strokes

  • Shaping

  • Choosing the right method for your client

  • Choosing the right needles based on different skin types

  • Practice with machine on artificial skin and mats

Day 2

  • Work on artificial skin

  • Face mapping

  • Drawing eyebrows with string

  • Drawing eyebrows with stencils

  • Demo

  • Mixing Pigments

  • How to take good pictures

  • How to correct mistakes

  • Work on 2 live models using Powder Brow Technique

Day 3

  • Consent forms

  • Contraindications

  • Numbing

  • Aftercare

  • Preparing workspace

  • Consultation

  • Work on 1 live Model using Traditional Microblading Technique



-You will receive the highest level of education necessary.-You will learn about exclusive Microblading methods which help you .

-Our classes are affordable, small and Private which allow for effective learning for each student.

– You Will have a lot of practice on Live Models after which you start your career.

-We are very positive and constantly learning and improving our skills.

-You will get Free Professional kit with the best equipment for work.

– We have qualified staff and a trainer.

-All of our classes sell out monthly, so make sure you book your spot asap because it will sell out.

-We teach students  from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts  because of our extreme attention to detail and brow artistry.

-Once you are Certified and eventually take on 2-3 days and your investment should pay of.


What Makes Our Microblading Training Different from the rest?


Our classes are affordable, small and privat which allow for effective learning for each student. 

Hands on Live Demonstration with Microblading Live Model.


All of our classes sell out monthly, so make sure you book your spot asap because it will sell out.


Students are driving from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts  because of our extreme attention to detail and brow artistry. 

Once you are Certified and eventually take on 2-3 full days and your total investment should pay off.  Most classes are charging much higher.


Our clients are Driving up to 3 Hours to Dermadoc Beauty Studio for Beauty Treatments. Several hundreds clients from NY,PA,NJ,MD,have chosen Dermadoc Beauty  for  our treatments.