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 Plasma Pen Device 2nd Generation (Open Box)Special offer

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Hyaluron Pen & Plamere Plasma Pen Device 2nd Generation Special offer (Replaced Battery)


Plamere Plasma Pen Device 2nd Generation (Replaced Battery)

Plamere Plasma Pen is the #1 Selling Plasma Pen in the World!

Introducing the #1 Selling and most advanced, FDA Approved, Plasma Fibroblast Pen available on the market today

The new electric arc plasma machine on the market specifically for beauticians

What are you able to treat with this Plamere Plasma Pen Pro Plasma Device?

– Fine Lines

– Crows Feet Lines

– Eyebrow ptosis

– Nasal Labial Folds / Laugh Lines

– Marionette Lines

– Smokers / Kissing Lines

– Neck Lines

– Drooping Skin / Loose Skin

– Moles

– Skin Tags

– Pigmentation Removal

– Age Spot Removal

– Liver Spot Removal

– Freckle Removal

– Scar Removal

– Stretch Mark Removal

– Permanent Makeup Removal (Eyebrows and Microblading)

– Scalp Micropigmentation Removal / Blowout Removal


The Benefits of Using Our Plamere Plasma Pen Pro (PPP) Plasma Device include:


– Multiple Treatment Settings

– Hand Held Device with USB Charging Cable

– One Machine for Multiple Treatments

– Non Invasive Treatment

– High Quality Parts

– Reusable Tips

– One Time Use, Disposable Tip Applicators (Sold Separately)

– One Time Use, Disposable Needles (Sold Separately)

– CE Certificate

– 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


Output frequency: 40Hz
– Output power control: Analog volume of 1-9 steps
– Mode: Continuous, 500Hz Modulated pulse
– Various functional tips: Lifting ball tip, fractional tip, permeating tip, acne tip with disposable plasma film
– LED indications: power, shot, low battery, charge status
– Power supply: internal 3.7V 400mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery with micro USB charger
– Weight: 100g
– Dimensions: 165 x 38 x 23mm


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