Prilocaine 2,5% Anesthetic

Prilocaine 2,5% Anesthetic


Prilocaine is an amino amide type of  anesthetic with a fast onset of action. It is pharmacologically similar to lidocaine and both can becombined for topical application (Super Numb cream) prior to a dermal filler injection. Although both are equally safe and effective anesthetics, prilocaine’s onset of action is slower than lidocaine. However, the former is excreted more rapidly and has lower cardiotoxicity. Lidocaine is widely used in the US, while European countries seem to prefer Prilocaine.


Amide-type local anaesthetics like prilocaine and  lidocaine relieve pain by interfering with nerve excitation and conduction. It works by blocking sodium (Na+) current through direct interaction with voltage-gated Na+ channels. The injectable form of prilocaine is often used in dentistry, while a combination of lidocaine and prilocaine is also formulated in topical preparation for dermal anaesthesia. It is rapidly metabolised in the liver and excreted in the urine.


Prilocaine is recommended for patients with cardiac problems, as well as renal and hepatic insufficiency. If large volumes of tumescent anaesthesia is required, a combination of prilocaine and lidocaine will increase effectiveness without heightened toxicity.


Because the metabolite (ortho-toluidine) of Prilocaine may cause methemoglobinemia, it is not intended for patients with such disorders, including other blood disorders: anemia, sickle cell anemia, porphyria in children, or symptomatic hypoxia. Avoid this anaesthetic in patients with known hypersensitivity to prilocaine, sulfites, parabens, and other amide-type anaesthetics.


Prilocaine was withdrawn from use in the US because it may induce methemoglobinemia, a disorder characterized with elevated levels of methemoglobin in the blood. Methemoglobin is a type of haemoglobin that can still carry oxygen but cannot effectively release it to body tissues. Following the occurrence of this adverse effect, cyanosis may occur in 2–3 hours. Methemoglobinemia from prilocaine use is dose-dependent, although still a rare occurrence; and is induced when a dosage of more than 600mg is given.


  • Burning or stinging;
  • Sensitivity where the cream is applied;
  • Redness.


  • Dizziness;
  • Irregular heartbeat;
  • Severe drowsiness;
  • Shallow breathing.
Topical anesthetic Cream
Microneedling at Home during quarantine.

Microneedling at Home during quarantine.

Microneedling is an very popular skin treatment in the USA, that can help treat the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, large pores, and the skin’s overall appearance. During quarantine, the woman still wants to look beautiful and attractive. And the easiest way seems to go to YouTube and see what you can do and how. Any way, we always see a lot of beautiful pictures before and after on Facebook or Instagram or Pinterest, the afters revealing a smooth, bright. We decide that while we are at home we will learn how to do this treatment. So what could be the problem with at-home Self-Microneedling? Here are some problems! Let’s look at the problem from the professional side for use at home. Let’s dive into everything that’s wrong with a “professional” at home microneedling (derma pen).

What is Microneedling?

On the Internet we find that Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that aims to treat scar tissue, lax skin, wrinkles, and large pores by increasing collagen production. It sounds scary—and it does involve needles piercing the skin—but the needles are very fine and short, and only mildly uncomfortable. And the advantages of the procedure greatly outweigh the disadvantages and that sounds good.
However, is a professional procedure for the treatment of fine lines, acne scars, and improvement of the skin’s overall appearance. The skin’s repair process results in a thicker dermis with the appearance of softer wrinkles, smoother skin, and even smaller pores! Using the Collagen and hyaluronic acid is applied to the skin and tiny needles are used to create controlled micro-injuries to the skin in order to produce collagen. While some areas are more sensitive than others, we can apply a topical numbing agent to help with any discomfort. The procedure typically takes 25-35 minutes total for the face, however the time varies based on what area is being treated.

Why should not use At-Home Microneedling Devices:

“The treatment is fairly comfortable due to the topical numbing cream we apply prior to treatment,

1. Safety

Safety is a very important thing when it comes to performing skin care procedures. Microneedling treatments in the office are carried out by trained medical aesthetics or nurses in a safe environment, which can give you excellent results. This will be different from Pen who, for example, bought on Ebay from China and the question will not be how much it costs but what it really does. The public is not trained / not certified for micro-learning. And videos on YouTube will not teach you correctly because many details are usually not revealed to everyone, and yet you yourself cannot achieve certain angles and the right approach to your face.


Sterilization is extremely important when it comes to microneedling. Not only do you need to make sure your face is completely clean before, but you also have to make sure you are keeping the needles sterile during the treatment. It is also very important to keep your face clean and protected post treatment. When we finish the procedure in the office, we put a “liquid bandage” on your skin to keep all those open wounds clean. 

There has been cases where individuals will get staph infections because they are not taking all sanitary precautions. Please do not risk the “cheap” at-home alternatives. 

3.Dermal pen and Needle Depth

What kind of Derma Pen to use and what games to use, and how many needles should be and why. After all, the depth of the needle can be adjusted with Microneedling handles. Professionals are trained to know how deep to go into which area of the face and how many passes you can make. The public does not. They can injure themselves, prolong downtime and, worst of all, do more harm to the skin.

⁣Other difficult questions

⁣Other difficult questions may arise that only an experienced master practitioner understands how to do, such as for example. Is it worth putting the topical numbing cream for pain relief, if so what and for how long. After which topical numbing cream there will be no allergy and is safe.

And if after the procedure pigment spots appear and then what to do.

Unfortunately, many women try to do this or other procedures at home and most often call me in order to fix it. As a rule, I don’t do it because the result is already corrupted and it’s 100% impossible to fix it there.

If you want really perfect results in only a few treatments, please find certified Esthetician! If you want, we will be happy to do the Microneedling or PRP procedures for you. We’ll be able to recommend a treatment plan for you that will help you reach your skin goals.

Microneedling Treatment at home
Eyebrow Microblading: Before and After

Eyebrow Microblading: Before and After

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

Microblading professional

    Microblading Before

Microblading eyebrow is different from tattoo. Restoration technology, often called microblading, gives realistic eyebrows. To catch such a permanent in artificiality is almost impossible. Drawn hairs look like their own, and eyebrows get a beautiful, well-groomed and natural look for up to 2 years.

Realistic effect of natural eyebrows, which is not able to recreate the machine!

Full imitation of hairs with artistic modeling of the general form!

There are many questions about its effectiveness, safety and resilience of this procedure. You will learn about this below.

Manual tattoo technology – “microblading”

The embodiment of the dream of a beautiful natural eyebrows!

Regular tattoo is not able to convey naturalness. Monochromatic curved strip with luxurious natural eyebrows has nothing in common.

The effect is achieved thanks to the manual drawing of each hair with a special “pen”, the end of which is equipped with an ultrathin blade. In the video below, a specialist will tell you about the nuances of micropigmentation and its benefits.

What is microblading? “Micro” – small, “blade” – blade. In the hands of a talented and experienced master, the small blade turns into a “magic wand”. In the West, eyebrow microblading is called “embroidery.” The technique is so filigree that it creates associations with the artistic smoothness!

With the help of a thin blade, the pigment is inserted into the epidermis. The hairs are “embroidered” with thin, clear and expressive strokes, which cannot be distinguished from the real ones. A classic tattoo, made even by a professional specialist, always looks like a drawing. This can be seen by viewing the video or photo with the results of the work of salon masters. Microblading perfectly mimics real eyebrows. And this is not its only advantage.

The advantages of eyebrows microblading

Manual eyebrow micropigmentation gives away what nature has forgotten to take care of. Microblading will make rare eyebrows thick, “finish” the missing areas, correct color and shape, hide scars and scars. The length, shape and curve of the drawn eyebrows will fully match your dream. In addition to a realistic result, micropigmentation has the following advantages over conventional tattoo:

  • almost painless, does not leave swelling after the procedure;
  • does not fade with time in unpredictable colors;
  • heals comfortably without scarring;
  • pleases with natural eyebrows up to 1,5-2 years!

Micropigmentation has justifiably gained phenomenal popularity. What is important to know when preparing for the procedure?

Perfect eyebrows afret pmu

    Microblading After

The importance of choosing the right artist

Eyebrow Microblading is an art that requires delicate handwork. An experienced master knows how to choose the right pigment, because skin eats up to 50% of color! When coloring the master can combine several shades for the maximum transfer of naturalness. Micropigmentation colouration requires a subtle sense of color and vision.

“I combine paints, considering the color of hair, skin tone and even the character of the client,” the master shares the secret of creating the perfect eyebrows.

Unlike conventional tattoo, eyebrow microblading is almost devoid of side effects in the form of scars. It is impossible to damage the deeper layers of the skin with a modular blade, because the strokes are applied with penetration up to 0.3-1 mm (with a tattoo, the needle “pierces” the skin twice as deep – 2 mm). But the beauty and elegance of the lines, the overall grace of the form and the high aesthetics of the work – it all depends on the professionalism of the specialist. You can judge the quality of work by looking at the portfolio – microblading before and after.

How to Draw A Perfect Eyebrow Shape

How to Draw A Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrow Introduction

Proper eyebrow sketching is one of the most important stages of the permanent eyebrow makeup procedure and the necessary skill for each brow specialist. To achieve a successful result, the master must be a makeup artist, an artist, and a psychologist at the same time. Today I explain to you about all the intricacies of building a universal, classic sketch of symmetrical eyebrows.

Universal – because this technique is suitable for drawing symmetric edges on absolutely any face. Of course, you will have to take into account the peculiarities of the face shape and the wishes of the client to create harmonious eyebrows.

In order to choose a shape of the eyebrows full analyzes required. This scheme will help you to find the balanced shape of the eyebrows.

Drawing eyebrows depending on the shape of the face

  • any eyebrow shape is suitable for an oval face
  • for an elongated – straight, removed from the nose
  • square face – with smooth rounded lines
  • heart-shaped and diamond-shaped – a classic curved eyebrow shape
  • round – maximum curviline eyebrows without roundness

For beginners, we recommend the following exercise: mentally select the shape of the eyebrows for each passerby / girlfriend / mother / travel companion. First, determine the shape of the face, then the shape of the eyebrows. Well, then you can and should proceed to drawing the sketch.

The main thing – to develop the skill to properly build a sketch of eyebrows. And for this, exercise daily.