This Permanent Make-up online conference is billed to turn you into certified professional PMU artists with exceptional qualities irrespective your level of expertise. Are you a Beginner, an Intermediate or an Expert PMU artist, you’ve encountered your dream opportunity.

Let me tell you 6 points of this conference that gives you added confidence that you’ve met what you want.

#1. The Techniques 

In this conference, you will be exposed to about twelve different techniques and three high profile PMU topics that will take your career and business to the next level. These fundamental techniques will be ensconced with high definition secrets that will help you to produce permanent make up results. These lessons will be very detailed, and you’ll not miss anything with our easy-going speakers who are open to your questions.

#2. The Speakers

This event will feature the best PMU Masters tutors and podium speakers all over the world. It will pull erudite teachers from over 20 countries across the globe that has made this industry their unique niche.

Featured PMU Masters

World Best Artist’s July 22 online PMU conference will be presented by some of the best PMU masters from around the world that will teach you the hottest techniques in the industry today.

#3. The Certification

Nothing gives your client assurance like a professional certificate. In this conference, you’ll be opportune to obtain about 15 different certifications from the real authorities that our pool of speakers encompasses. These 15 certificates of attendance will put you above your competitors and open the door to high bidding clients who always seek for optimal value when hiring any service.

#4. The Training Format

These online PMU Master classes are designed for optimal value, impact, education, and convenience. The conference will start July 22 and will available for watching 10 days, giving you the privilege of attending to your other business during the same day.

It’s an online video conference that allows you to learn in the comfort of your home, eating popcorn and listening without noise and distraction.

There will be a practical demonstration of successful models that will help you grasp everything your eyes and ears are noting down.

Each tutor will practically demonstrate their models and bring you into the details of their presentation to ensure that you also become a practical master. More business and raise your prices.

Finally, you can’t miss out with this offer! The online video classes for each day of the conference will be accessible to you so that even when you are unavoidably absent, you can still participate in the seminar. So, convenience is our promise to you.

#5 The Add-On

In this conference, you’ll learn business administration, networking, and marketing. We’ll ensure that you don’t only acquire new skills but acquire new business deals. Therefore, you’ll be taught top-notch secrets that will catapult your conversion rates, bring in new clients, retarget old clients and be the new PMU Masters Sherriff in town.

Now, I’m sure you’re convinced, and the next question in your mind is: what do I need to be a participant in this conference? Welcome on board!

The requirements for being a participant of this conference are your writing materials, internet connection, and a registration token. You need to write because a lot will be said to comprehend at once, and you need to be connected to a means of reliable transmission to watch the video. However, most importantly you need to a registration token.

#6. The price

The next thing bothering you is, how much? Wait and listen to our unique offer.

To have a class with any of our speakers outside this conference will cost you about $300-1000. Imagine, you’re attending 15 pieces of training in over different countries. It will cost you something around $4500-$15000 aside traveling and hotel expenses.

conference price

Here comes our unique offer!

In this conference, you’ll get all these for just $800. No extra charges and you’ll get to learn, receive materials and receive about 15 certifications.

This offer is unbeatable!

Do you want to attend this conference?